e-Chemex genesis lies in resonance of pain and frustration of a typical chemical trader in an offline market. It would have stayed that way until we decided to do something about it –-- a coffee talk – a dinner conversation & soon the seed for India’s first real-time chemical market place was firmly seeded.

We had just landed an idea that we couldn’t stop thinking about & they say that’s probably a good one to pursue. Steve Jobs once said - “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them”

And that’s what we did by taking our prototype to our prospective users who applauded it giving us more confidence.

e-Chemex will be India’s answer to disrupt the 50 billion dollar off-line bulk chemical trading market by providing a platform for buyer and seller to meet-up melting the geographical boundaries, removing the opacity in pricing aided by transparency, trust and technology leading to lower over-heads like commissions and higher inventory turnover.

Our Management Team

Mamta Srivastava


Having played many roles in last 17 years from managing Credit & Risk management for leading Indian Telco’s to being an Educator. This is second innings for her. Her core strengths lying in understanding client behaviour & their reasons to act. She holds an MBA in Marketing from Kanpur University.

Dimple Balaporia

VP, Business Development

4 years experience in Organic and Inorganic Chemicals. Commerce graduate from University of Mumbai with additional Diploma in Digital Cyber Forensics and IT Law. Brings rich experience in International trade, market research, sourcing, competitive intelligence, marketing, sales, operation of Chemicals and allied products.

Anubhav Dwivedi

Advisor & Mentor

Anubhav is a passionate Entrepreneur and seasoned Technology Advisor for growth-hungry Enterprises. Before starting Saviant Consulting, he spent a number of years in Management roles at two of the world's largest IT consulting firms, Wipro & Infosys.

Sujit Karpe

e-Chemex Platform Architect

Sujit is a highly respected Technology leader and an acclaimed Software Architect. He is passionate about latest technologies, with in-depth & hands-on understanding of Microsoft Azure PaaS, Azure IaaS, Enterprise Mobility, Data Analytics and Software as a Service (SAAS).

Nirupama Singhal

Technical Project Manager

Nirupama Singhal comes with over 11 years of Industry Experience. She has majorly contributed to projects ranging from Trading, Financial Services, E-Commerce, HR and CMS. She is PMP certified and also has completed Oracle Certification. She is a keen reader of fiction and adventure novels.